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ELLA Platform

  • Software toolkit focused on industrial software solutions development

  • Support for 3D , VR , AR and Physics

  • Modules for designing, monitoring, control and analysis of industrial processes

  • Core of the platform contains virtual copy of factory interacting with other modules

  • Heavily focused on visual programing


Software tools for simulation (logistics, production)


Factory design tools (machine layout, logistics, ergonomy)


Tools for control, monitoring and analysis of production processes in real time


Control systems for individual devices (AGVs, Machines)



Multiple software solutions


Applications that can be developed with Ella Platform:

  • Simulation software (logistics, production)

  • Software for factory design (layout, logistics, ergonomics)

  • Virtual training solutions

  • Real time factory control, monitoring and analysis

  • Server side non graphical solutions

  • 3D web applications

  • Control and support software for individual units (AGV, forklifts)



Visual programing

  • All types of Ella Platform based solutions can be created using integrated visual programming

  • It can be used to create wide variety of systems, from small real time AGV controller to complex simulated worlds

  • Programming is heavily focused on complex simulated virtual world creation (state machines, high modularity, standardized communication between modules)

  • Lowers development and maintenance costs significantly