Maintenance focused virtual training

Our first virtual reality based training solutions were developed for maintenance related tasks. Even today our most sophisticated products provide training for  industrial robots, cnc and other machinery maintenance.

  • Robotic cell entrance training

  • Virtual industrial robot control

  • Safety rules testing

  • Virtual copies of control interfaces

  • Robot collision detection

  • Real time progress monitoring

  • Penalties for errors

  • Faulty part replacement

  • Fluid and gas simulation

  • VR Headset support

  • VR Controller interaction



Assembly and sequencing focused virtual training

Complex assembly and sequencing tasks are very suitable for virtual reality based training and testing. Repeated training in virtual reality quickly increases trainees performance and prevents expensive errors, than could affect production.

  • Assembly procedures training

  • Training before physical production line is in place

  • Virtual world is powered with realistics physics (cables, joints, objects)

  • Two hand interaction with environment

  • Real time error visualization and correction

  • Integrates video and text tutorials

  • Fluid and gas simulation

  • VR Headset support

  • VR Controller interaction



Quality control focused virtual training

Our rendering technology enables us to train visual inspection based tasks. PBR texturing coupled with state of the art VR Headsets is used to visualize damage, imperfections and missing parts. Trainee must spot and mark problems on the final product in order to finish quality contol focused training level.

  • Final product inspection training

  • Variety of damage types can by visualized

  • Training mode helps employee to learn and practice the correct inspection procedure

  • Missing parts visualization

  • Free movement and point of view control with VR headset


Logistics focused virtual training

The versatility of our software platform enables us to create vehicular and hybrid training systems. These systems can be used for vehicle operators training and for loadin and unloading procedures training.

  • Factory navigation training

  • Material loading and unloading training

  • Performance and navigation error tracking

  • Operators can learn factory layout before it even exists.

  • Focus on higher level tasks not on particular vehicle operation